Inject 2 System (In App Instructions) by Greg Rostami

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Inject 2 System (In App Instructions) by Greg Rostami 

Magic that's ALWAYS with you. 

"Rostami brings magic into the 21st century." 
- David Blaine

"When THEIR phone is all you have, and you want to do MIRACLES, Inject is a NECESSITY!" 
- Dan White

"Inject is natural, versatile and PERFECT. An app you will LOVE using!" 
- John Archer

"Inject is fantastic. Works flawlessly... I use it ALL the time." 
- Jan Forster

"There are no magic apps that are better than teleFoto and Inject. Bravo!!!" 
- Bobby Motta

"Inject isn't just one app, but MANY. So many powerful effects." 
- Angelo Carbone

"Inject feels as organic as magic with any borrowed object. Direct. POWERFUL!!" 
- Justin Flom

"All of Greg's apps don't suggest the use of technology. Organic magic that can be performed anytime in the REAL WORLD!" 
- Patrick Kun