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Head Rush

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Head Rush by Peter Loughran

Peter Loughran breaks the mold again with head rush, the shocking new severed head illusion. This just looks fantastic!


The performer displays a beautiful picture frame with gold antique hammered finish that appears to date back in the early 1900s. Inside the picture frame displays nothing but a solid black panel, striking the curiosity of your audience. Wondering what may appear or be placed inside the frame, the performer completely catches his spectators off guard as he places his very own head inside the picture frame. Centering his head inside the picture frame, he creates somewhat of a 3 dimensional self-portrait.

But something truly bizarre begins to happen as the onlookers gasp in shock, wonder and fear; using only one hand, the performer slowly moves the picture frame away from his body taking with it his very own head, creating an unbelievable illusion that simply looks impossible. The performer begins to rotate the picture frame 90 degrees to the right, and the head remains centered inside the picture frame. The performer also glances over at his own body, gazing in awe, where his own head was just a few moments ago. All is reversed and the frame is set aside, allowing the performer to accept a thunderous applause.

head rush comes to you as a self-assembly kit. We provide you with the cut and painted materials and you assemble it yourself at home in one afternoon. head rush also comes with performance rights, and easy to follow plans complete with pictures to help you put the illusion together. Anyone, anyone, even those without carpentry skills, can put it together. Assembly is extremely simple, no special tools are required, however adult supervision is recommended for assembly with anyone under the age of 18.

Although head rush cannot be done surrounded, it is a stage effect that offers an unbelievable effect and portability that is perfect for any style of magic. Perform a modern and professional stage illusion for a fraction of the cost. Requires no assistants, no boxes, and is completely self-contained. No special gear or harnesses to wear before or after the illusion.

Demo Coming Soon!



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