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Real Egg

Sales price: $60.00
Sales price without tax: $54.55
Tax amount: $5.45
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Real Egg by Gianfranco Ermini & Stratomagic



This is an essential accessory to create the "Silk to egg" routine.

The egg is TRUE and treated and cared in every detail, the hole is drilled manually on each piece.

The realization of each egg take a long time so that's why only one in every five exceeds the manufacturing process treatment and attention to detail make it a truly fabulous.

The naturalness of the outer coating can highlight some features of the product ( on the outer surface may be evident characteristic signs of porosity, grain differences, and etc...) That are not considered as defects, but assurance of the naturalness of the product.


Each egg comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity
Each egg has a creation date and is Individually numbered


NOTE: "Silk to egg" routine NOT included.



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