Memento Mori Impossible Bottles

Impossible Bottles are intriguing. They create a sense of wonder, curiosity and magical spirit by just BEING. 

They inspire us to think about what IS possible, even when seemingly impossible. 

What if it was possible to bottle mortality? 

Cheat death by controlling it. Capturing it. 


Memento Mori Impossible Bottles and Memento Mori NXS Impossible Bottles have achieved the unthinkable. 

Inside a small mouthed bottle, with no room for the deck itself to move... is a pristine, fully sealed Memento Mori or Memento Mori NXS deck of cards. 

The weight is perfect. Inexplicably, if you were to somehow open it up, you would find all 52 cards inside the tuck. 

Join people throughout history who have kept keepsakes of skulls as a reminder that the only thing certain in life, is death. 

"Magic becomes art when it has nothing to hide." 
- Ben Okri 

Perfect conversation starters about magic or philosophy.

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