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Overall quantity of Collections and Products

#products in site: 14264 {if this number is different, remember to manually load gift cards}
#collections in site: 45

Individual Collection product counts

Accessories accessories 469
all all 14239
Book book 1016
Cabinet: Coin / Fire Magic cabinet-coin-fire-magic 0
Cabinet: Mentalism cabinet-mentalism 0
Cabinet: New cabinet-new 0
Cabinet: Packet Tricks cabinet-packet-tricks 0
Cabinet: Sponge Magic cabinet-sponge-magic 0
Cabinet: Stage Magic cabinet-stage-magic 0
Cabinet: Wallets / Sharpie cabinet-wallets-sharpie 0
Cards cards 1098
Coming Soon coming-soon 0
Downloads downloads 3085
DVD dvd 2494
DVD Instock instock 2234
Free Magic free-magic 15
Home page frontpage 0
Lecture/Lesson lecture-lesson 396
Live Lecture live-lecture 3
Magic Lessons & Lectures magic-lessons-lectures 3
Magic Set magic-set 8
New magic new-magic 770
On Sale on-sale 21
School Holiday Program april-2018-school-holiday-program 3
Skill Level: Advance skill-level-advance 170
Skill Level: Beginner skill-level-beginner 6710
Skill Level: Intermediate skill-level-intermediate 4346
Toy / Novelty toy 3
Trick trick 6619
Trick Type: Bizarre and Psychokinesis trick-type-bizarre-and-psychokinesis 2
Trick Type: Card Magic/trick decks trick-type-card-magic-trick-decks 3342
Trick Type: Close Up Magic trick-type-close-up-magic 4827
Trick Type: Comedy trick-type-comedy 122
Trick Type: Escape trick-type-escape 32
Trick Type: Illusionist trick-type-illusionist 75
Trick Type: Juggling trick-type-juggling 25
Trick Type: Kids Show and Balloon trick-type-kids-show-and-balloon 35
Trick Type: Mentalism trick-type-mentalism 1761
Trick Type: Money Coin Magic trick-type-money-coin-magic 571
Trick Type: Silk and Silk Magic trick-type-silk-and-silk-magic 221
Trick Type: Special Effects trick-type-special-effects 3
Trick Type: Sponge and Sponge Magic trick-type-sponge-and-sponge-magic 173
Trick Type: Stage / Parlor Magic trick-type-stage-parlor-magic 1919
Trick Type: Street Magic trick-type-street-magic 12
Trick Type: Utility trick-type-utility 2

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Main menu main-menu
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Home frontpage / Store Frontpage
Magic Lessons collection /collections/magic-lessons-lectures
Book a Magician page /pages/book-a-magician
Shop frontpage / Store Frontpage
Downloads collection /collections/downloads

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Information footer
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Search search Search Page
FAQs page /pages/faqs
Shipping Information page /pages/shipping
Access my downloads page /pages/downloads
ABN: 42 621 584 245 frontpage / Store Frontpage
Opening Hours frontpage / Store Frontpage
Mon - Wed: 10am - 5pm frontpage / Store Frontpage
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Fri: 10am - 5pm frontpage / Store Frontpage
Sat: 10am - 3pm frontpage / Store Frontpage
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Terms & Conditions page /pages/terms-conditions
Privacy Policy page /pages/privacy-policy
Returns & Exchanges page /pages/returns-exchanges

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Shop by Type shop-by-type
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Accessories collection /collections/accessories
Book collection /collections/book
Cards collection /collections/cards
Downloads collection /collections/downloads
DVDs collection /collections/dvd
Gift Vouchers product /products/gift-certificate
Magic Set collection /collections/magic-set
New Magic collection /collections/new-magic
Trick collection /collections/trick
Toy collection /collections/toy

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Lecture/Lesson lecture-lesson
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Lecture/Lesson collection /collections/lecture-lesson
School Holiday Programs collection /collections/april-2018-school-holiday-program
After School Programs page /pages/after-school-magic-lessons
Hang Out page /pages/thursday-night-magic-hang-out-in-january-2018-performances-discussion-and-more

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Shop by Skill shop-by-skill
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Advanced collection /collections/skill-level-advance
Intermediate collection /collections/skill-level-intermediate
Beginner collection /collections/skill-level-beginner

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Shop by Trick shop-by-trick
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Bizarre and Psychokinesis collection /collections/trick-type-bizarre-and-psychokinesis
Card Magic/trick decks collection /collections/trick-type-card-magic-trick-decks
Close Up Magic collection /collections/trick-type-close-up-magic
Comedy collection /collections/trick-type-comedy
Escape collection /collections/trick-type-escape
Illusionist collection /collections/trick-type-illusionist
Juggling collection /collections/trick-type-juggling
Kids Show and Balloon collection /collections/trick-type-kids-show-and-balloon
Mentalism collection /collections/trick-type-mentalism
Money Coin Magic collection /collections/trick-type-money-coin-magic
Silk and Silk Magic collection /collections/trick-type-silk-and-silk-magic
Sponge and Sponge Magic collection /collections/trick-type-sponge-and-sponge-magic
Special Effects collection /collections/trick-type-special-effects
Stage / Parlor Magic collection /collections/trick-type-stage-parlor-magic
Street Magic collection /collections/trick-type-street-magic
Utility collection /collections/trick-type-utility

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Corporate collection /collections/book

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On Sale collection /collections/on-sale

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Collections collections
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Book collection /collections/book
Cards collection /collections/cards
Coming Soon collection /collections/coming-soon
Downloads collection /collections/downloads
DVD collection /collections/dvd
Lecture/Lesson collection /collections/lecture-lesson
New magic collection /collections/new-magic
On Sale collection /collections/on-sale
Skill Level: Beginner collection /collections/skill-level-beginner
Skill Level: Intermediate collection /collections/skill-level-intermediate
Skill Level: Advance collection /collections/skill-level-advance
Toy / Novelty collection /collections/toy
Trick Type: Card Magic/trick decks collection /collections/trick-type-card-magic-trick-decks
Trick Type: Comedy collection /collections/trick-type-comedy
Trick Type: Escape collection /collections/trick-type-escape
Trick Type: Illusionist collection /collections/trick-type-illusionist
Trick Type: Juggling collection /collections/trick-type-juggling
Trick Type: Kids Show and Balloon collection /collections/trick-type-kids-show-and-balloon
Trick Type: Mentalism collection /collections/trick-type-mentalism
Trick Type: Money Coin Magic collection /collections/trick-type-money-coin-magic
Trick Type: Silk and Silk Magic collection /collections/trick-type-silk-and-silk-magic
Trick Type: Special Effects collection /collections/trick-type-special-effects
Trick Type: Sponge and Sponge Magic collection /collections/trick-type-sponge-and-sponge-magic
Trick Type: Stage / Parlor Magic collection /collections/trick-type-stage-parlor-magic
Trick Type: Street Magic collection /collections/trick-type-street-magic
Trick Type: Utility collection /collections/trick-type-utility

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Buy Downloadable Products collection /collections/downloads
Access My Downloads page /pages/downloads

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Gift wrapping gift-wrapping
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Gift wrapping product /products/gift-wrapping

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