Before we begin, understand that this COINS THRU TABLE routine can also be used as a Coins Across routine, which is a routine I've been using for about 28 years while table-hopping. I also use this routine when lecturing - it is a winner

This routine is unlike any other routine you've seen. 

5 coins are used (one contrasting coin) and all are regular coins! No shells, no hidden props, no gaffed coins are used! 

Carry these 5 coins in your pocket and you will be ready to perform an impromptu miracle that will really "shake up" your spectators (watch their faces!) - and it's simple to do! 

In addition, there are NO weird sleights or 'knucklebusters' used in this routine! It's routining in its purest form! 

However, I have included a subtlety with the COINS THRU TABLE routine that make this effect, a REAL JAW-DROPPER! 

The COINS THRU TABLE routine will really "disturb" your spectators and will even fool magicians! 

This is a professional routine that is impromptu as long as you carry the coins with you. 

Download the eBook and video and enjoy learning this fabulous routine!

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