Cornucopia Cube 777 (Wooden) by Tora Magic


Show an empty box to the audience. Then, astoundingly, the following items appear from it, one by one!

  • 3 crystal cubes full of colorful spring flowers
  • 4 flower vases
  • 4 jumbo dove cages with latex doves

Looks like real magic! 

How it works: 

1. The mechanism of this item makes it very easy to perform -- it is almost self-working. 
2. It allows you to perform this easily in all stages. 
3. Perform it in any setting - with or without music or in a comedy setting. 
4. All the parts are easily placed inside the box allowing for easy transportation. It can also easily be carried in a suitcase if desired. 
5. You will be able to perform this effect within several minutes - as it does not require hours of practice. 
6. It doesn't need real doves.

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