Garden Flower by Tora Magic


The magician shows a pedestal, he waves a wand over it and magically makes a flower appear! Then he shows a cut out tube, clearly empty. He puts it on the pedestal, makes a magic gesture, removes it and magically the pedestal is now full of beautiful flowers!

  • Tora Magic quality.
  • Very easy to do, it is practically automatic and will leave any audience open-mouthed.
  • The flowers (a single flower and 4 bouquets) and the magic wand that is 31cm long and with a diameter of 2cm, are included.
  • The pedestal measures 27.8cm (10.94") x 4.9cm (1.92") x 25.3cm (9.96"). The tube measures 23.9cm (11.77") x 33cm (13") x 23.9cm (9.4"). Both are made of wood.
  • The instructions are supplied as a practical DVD. The instructions are completely visual, not spoken. This makes them very easy to follow regardless of the nationality of the buyer.

Includes: Box, base, wand and flowers.

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