Tuesday 13th November Morgan Strebler Lecture

About Morgan

Morgan is viewed as one of the world's leading experts and performers in the field of PsychoKinetic magic, also known as PK. Using only the power of the mind, PK is the ability to physically alter or affect various objects. For example, Morgan uses this extraordinary "gift" to bend forks, coins, and keys, as well as force items to move without logical explanation.

These special talents have enabled Morgan to become one of the most sought after performers in the world. Morgan has personally entertained a veritable "Who's Who" list of Hollywood stars and celebrities, such as Tom Hanks, Ben Stiller, Jude Law, Quentin Tarantino, Michael Jordan, David Blaine, John Stamos, Paris Hilton, Tara Reid, Vince Neal of Motley Crue, Carson Daly, Jason Biggs, Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley, R. Kelly, Ice T, and Anna Nicole Smith.



"As a magician, Morgan is a true enigma. As a magical thinker, he is in a league of his own. His artistry is not one which can be labeled or categorized. This nebula trait makes Morgan truly mysterious." -Franz Harary

“Morgan has taken a fork bend into an area I never have dreamed possible." -Banachek

"If I wanted to bend a fork, this is what I would want to do." -Paul Harris (on Liquid Metal)

"Like the 'Liquid Silver' in his hands, I witnessed Morgan bending people to his will all night long at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas." -Gregory Wilson


Where:            Dunkirk Hotel
                        205  Harris St, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Time:               7:00pm

When:             Tuesday 13th November 2018

Ticket Price:   $35 

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