Monday 8th October Think Ngugen Lecture

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Young and passionate student of the art of magic, Think is known to make his cards “come to life”. He released two major DVD projects called Parallels and Vermillion. The first project has received great reviews during the Blackpool convention (2017). Besides, he also wrote 2 limited lecture notes : One Idea for Each Tentacle and My Fingers Flowing ; and a web episodes called The Coffee Series. Think Nguyen is now currently lecturing in the world (Hungary, Belgium, France, Singapore, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, ...) to share his secrets and meet other enthusiastic magicians.



The lecture is focusing on card magic and the theories underlying magic in general. Besides sharing his favorite routines, Think will briefly cover some of hismain work on the concept of Estimation and Jazz magic.

  • An ordinary card to pocket : a card is placed beforehand in the pocket and it happens to be the card the spectator is thinking of. That clean !
  • The story of the Monkey King : a beautiful sequence of a rising card effect like you have never seen before.
  • A gambler’s triumph : an exercise and demonstration of skills that will make the spectator participate and live the magic with his own eyes.
  • Ong’s Dice : a think of a card routine using an invisible die.
  • Memory Separation : a stand-alone piece in 3 phases that will make the spectators believe you can memorize a full deck of cards in a few seconds.
  • Theories : a definition of magic, magic as an event ; estimation concept ; jazz magic, etc.
  • and more surprises...


"Think Nguyen is a card magician of RARE TALENT - technically accomplished, fantastically creative but also possessed of a deep understanding of the principles of magic performance. I had the privilege of spending a day with him and almost everything he showed me fooled me: that's six or seven pieces across the day, I had no clue - and the ultimate kicker was that most of it was bafflingly simple when he finally explained it. I'm a huge fan of Think and his exciting, innovative material and I use it regularly when I want to fry magicians. I think anyonewho likes card magic needs to get to know him and his incredible magic." PHILL SMITH

“Every once in a while you meet someone who completely changes the way you

think about magic, that for me, is Think.Think is an incredible magician and creates magic that is beautiful, WELL-STUCTURED and a pleasure to witness. Think’s presentations are truly magical.” MAHDI GILBERT

"Think's Fairy Dust - one of the most TRULY MAGICAL VISUALS in card

magic." DMC

“Think is INSANE! -His performances are slick and his technique is impeccable.

I’m a fan ! ” PETER TURNER

"Think creates and performs some of the most intelligent, INNOVATIVE and

ORIGINAL card magic I've had the pleasure of seeing. He combines a love of obscure methodology with a commitment to clear, direct and powerful effects. I'm confident that you'll thoroughly enjoy his offerings." ROSS TAYLER

“Think’s magic is beautiful and CAPTIVATING. His performance style is fun,

entertaining and engaging. He truly is a rising star of card magic. Trust me this guy is going places !” PETER NARDI


Where:            Quarrymans Hotel
                         214-216 Harris St
                         Pyrmont 2009

Time:               7:00pm

When:             Monday 8th October 2018

Ticket Price:   $30 


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